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We are a professional interior painting business, specializing in Residential and Commercial space. Our services are much more than painting surfaces… We are part time movers, part time cleaners and full time Professional Painters. We work quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

All of our equipment, supplies, and tools, we use on your project are of top line. That’s important, because cheaper sundries and supplies, usually means the job won’t provide the best professionally looking results. Besides, the lowered quality of such cheap supplies are often harder to work with, and result in slower project completion. When we leave your property at the end of a project, the quality of the job speaks for itself! Your room has to have that “Wow” factor, which is just what we do. We always encourage clients to look around the room, to double check our work.

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416 896 3025

We are here to take care of you, and we’re always happy to field your questions. Feel free to call us at 416 896 3025, or use the easy, handy form below for your questions…


We ask clients to remove all the small or breakable items. we carry 5 Million Liability Insurance with State Farm. We look after moving your furniture, pictures, and mirrors off the walls. Window treatments also need to be removed. We place our tarps around the room, and cover your furniture if the ceilings are being painted. We usually give the room a quick vacuum and put things back in place. Sometimes clients want to perform a thorough cleaning after the painted areas have dried.


We’re familiar with all the regular brands – Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Dulux, etc. We will usually explain which product and sheen level is better recommend for each room. When clients book us we will usually drop off colour books to their home (if they aren’t still being used by other clients). We do not provide colour consultations. But can happily recommend what’s popular. Some clients already have colours chosen before booking us.

We usually work  9am – 4pm. 7 Hrs of painting is enough in a day. We don’t really stop for lunch either. It also depends where you are located.  If your project is one such that you haven’t moved in yet, and there is a window of time before you move in, then sometimes we will work from late afternoon until the night. As we all know, traffic can often be terrible during the day
Once we start on your project we are there until it’s completed.

Your welcome to remain home. Don’t waste your days off though… Its not much fun watching paint dry! Usually clients provide either a key or garage door code, so we can enter to work. We all have busy lives. If your dog or cat is friendly then they can keep us company. We are pet friendly! We find it usually takes a day for them to get use to us. If requested, we can let them out into your yard, and bring them back in afterwards.


Each job is different. Some rooms may require more preparation work, and painting than other rooms. It all depends on what each client wants to do with each room. We usually charge per room and what has to be done with each.


If it’s a few rooms you want painted or 1 level of your home, then just 1 of us is needed. If it’s a complete repaint (all rooms, both floors) then usually 2-3 of us. we personally don’t recommend having a bunch of painters running around in a house because that hampers quality control. 2 professional painters can get as much done and do a better quality job, as opposed to 3 or 4 mediocre painters.

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With over 30 years experience, Room at a Time Painting has provided professional painting services for houses, condo’s, small offices to larger retail and commercial spaces. We take pride in building our business with happy clients.


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